Cash Flow Statement Template with Budget Versus Actuals Analysis Excel

Cash Flow Projection Template Highlights One-year Cash Flow Projection template is a useful tool for cash flow forecasting and for effectively planning business. Cash Flow Statement Template represents you the core indicators for detailed business analysis and helps to build a step-by-step instruction to success. Projected cash flow template allows you to track a net cash movement, to calculate revenue, to forecast expenses and to develop a successful business. It helps you to create a financial plan and make forecasts for your startup. Using detailed tables, interactive charts, particular reports, and own forecasts your Cash Flow Projection template will help to get informative business data. Equipped with detailed video instruction and helpful How to sections. Used by chefs, managers, advisors, founders, and investors. Available for copying by selecting the text and using copy/paste into Excel, Word, Google sheets or other documents. Compatible with Mac and Windows.

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The main questions Cash Flow Statement Template Actual vs Budget Variance Tracker Excel template can answer are as follows:

– to forecast the cash flow statement for a year;
– to see how your actual numbers are doing against the budget;
– to track multiple revenue streams, COGS and expenses;
– to analyze YTD (Year to Date) and MTD (Month to Date) variance;
– to track Cash Flow KPIs.

The model consists of:

– 12 month Cash Flow Statement Forecast
– 12 month Cash Flow Statement Actuals
– Flexible Revenue and other inflows forecast
– Flexible COGS, Fixed Costs and Wages forecast
– Year to Date tracker
– Month to Date tracker
– Year to Go tracker
– KPIs and Dynamics tracker
– Debt Financing and repayment schedule
– Financial year or calendar year option
– Currency sign and denominator inputs


First and foremost, we did not hard-code any assumptions.

It is very helpful both for the client and financial modeler, as all the inputs could be edited directly from the forecast or from the expense tabs.

Besides it, the action period of budget modeling was editable.

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