Startup Construction Business Plan

The model is built to be easily used and suitable for assisting the management in making better and more informed decisions for a construction business.

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General Overview

Running a successful construction business isn’t easy. There are so many risks and challenges in the industry that can lead to failure, this industry requires a large amount of capital to purchase assets, tools, heavy equipment and vehicles, that is why construction business has a higher chance to fail.

With this model, you can use it as a great tool to identify the initial capital, capital expenditure and help the user to project the cash flow for the total period and identify when the project will face cash flow deficit in order to cover the deficit from banks or a third-party to keep the operation going on and avoid losing time and money.

The model is built to be easily used and suitable for assisting the management in making a better and more informed decision.

So, to give you a quick overview of the model, in the contents sheet you can see the structure of the model, and by clicking on any of the headlines will automatically be redirected to the relevant sheet.

Key inputs in the green tabs

Update the general info the orange tab
All cells in green are input cells
You can find the green cells in the “Input data” sheet
You will get the outcome in the dark blue tabs
You can read the instruction in the light blue tab

Key outcome in the dark blue tabs

The inputs in the green cells will dynamically flow into the following below:
-Profit and loss statement by month including 3 major components, gross profit, EBITDA and net profit
-Balance sheet including total assets, total liability and owners’ equity
-Cash flow with 3 outputs such as operating cash flow, investing cash flow and financing cash flow
-Ratios with 3 main components, such as solvency ratio, liquidity ratio, and profitability ratio
-Dashboard summary.

Conclusion and customization

Highly versatile, very sophisticated financial template, and user-friendly.
If you have any inquiry, request for modification, or to customize the model for your business model, please reach us through: [email protected]

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