Renewable Energy Financial Models Bundle

A collection of user-friendly Project Finance Models in the Renewable Energy Sector offered at a discounted price you can’t miss!

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The energy demand is rising with the growth of the global population. People have been using renewable energy sources for energy services. With that in mind, there is one question that arises: Is it profitable to start a business in the renewable energy sector?

This collection offers users the opportunity to get a solid understanding of the financial feasibility of each segment (Solar, Wind, Biogas) and decide which is more profitable to invest in.

Each Template includes calculations of development and construction costs, energy production, revenue projections, financing through Debt & Equity, Pre-Tax and After-Tax Cash Flow to Equity, Levelized Cost of Energy, and project return metrics (IRR, NPV, MOIC, Payback, etc.)

The total value of the bundle is $357 but you can get it with a discount of more than 30% off for a final price of only $240!

All templates follow Financial Modeling Best Practices principles and offer flexible customization.

The bundle consists of the following financial model templates:

Detailed instructions for the use of each template are included in the Excel files and a detailed description of each model can be viewed by clicking the respective links.

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