Marketing Budget Excel Template

A professional template to budget marketing, advertising and promotion expenses

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Marketing and promotion are instrumental in boosting sales and maintaining high revenues. This template built on the highest professional financial modeling standards will help you forecast your future marketing and advertising expenses.

By their nature, they can be split into one-off and periodic (regular) expenses. The template can handle up to 10 events of each type but this can be extended if needed.

For one-off events, you will need to enter the cost and the date of each event. If an event spans across more than one month, you just indicate the number of months it covers, and the model will spread the costs across these months automatically. Examples of such events are market research, customer event, or web page development.

For periodic (regular) events you will need to indicate the cost of running an event once and the months in which an event is run every year. Such events could be company magazine publication, general advertising, and promotion, social media activities.

For both types of events, the model will allocate the right costs to correct months. It will then do a summary for every event and for the totals.

The file can be used on a stand-alone basis (to make just a marketing budget) or as part of a larger budgeting package. It can also be incorporated into investment analysis models.

The model runs on a monthly basis and covers the period of three years but this can be changed quite quickly.

This publication includes an Excel file and a text guide with detailed explanations.

File Types:

  • Excel Model Template – .xlsx
  • PDF Guide – .pdf

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