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This is designed to help any organization, regardless of size, be able to see what is going on with sales pipeline metrics over time as well as track salesmen performance. The following functionality is included:

1. Input card for database creation flexibility.
2. Fully monthly/quarterly analysis between added sales leads, won contracts, lost contracts (removal from leads), ended contracts.
3. Dynamically enter any date range and see what the net effect of each pipeline metric was.
4. Visuals included for both salesmen assessment, net new pipeline/won contract value, and an overall summary on the dashboard (annual).
5. View performance by customer over monthly/quarterly basis.

The goal here is to give virtually any business the ability to track their performance with lots of flexibility and vision. Essentially, you have a fully functionally CRM all in one file.


Sales Pipeline Sales Pipeline

Sales Pipeline Sales Pipeline

Value of Contracts Won Value of Contracts Won

Sales Tracking Sales Tracking

Sales & CRM Tracking Sales & CRM Tracking

Sales Pipeline Sales Pipeline


Sales Pipeline Summary Sales Pipeline Summary

Value of Sales Pipeline Value of Sales Pipeline

Summary Two-way functionality for CRM analysis. This template offers you a stand-alone database building mechanism or you can import your raw sales pipeline data. From the database, monthly/quarterly (drop-down triggers) time-frames can be tracked so you see how your sales pipeline is changing over time.
Screenshots / Pictures Sales Pipeline Summary
Value of Contracts Won
Sales Pipeline
Sales Pipeline
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