Budget Vs. Actual: 3-Year

A simple way to measure your projections by month against what you actually did. Includes visual variance analysis. Goes out 3 years.

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*Recent edition: Cash flow variance.

Tabs include: Input, Projection, Actual, Variance, and Visual analysis.

I did add a few inputs for 3 different revenue streams to measure that have projected growth as a monthly %. That could be a 0% growth or you could manually input your revenue projections if needed. COGS and expense projections are also manual entries, but they could run off of assumptions if needed (hourly charge applies). Net profit will then populate on its own.

The variance analysis is done on a third tab that is granular enough to show the variance on any given month for any given revenue item or expense item. The chart will then pull off of those variance %’s to show you how you have performed relative to your projections over time on any line that you want to measure.

If you want to just look at the main categories such as total revenue, total expenses, or total net profit by month, that function is available.


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