SaaS P&L, Revenue and Churn Analysis Dashboard

Dashboard for SaaS and subscription businesses to track and understand their P&L and revenue generation

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This best practice allows you to track and understand your sales and overall profitability for your SaaS, subscription business or any business with recurring customers. It provides Financial Due Diligence level analytics that will either greatly help you analyzing a target company before investment or better track and manage your operations as a business owner.

The model simply requires you to input your summary P&L data and your revenue by customer on a monthly basis. The charts will then allow you to track monthly, quarterly and annual trends and insight from your P&L and recurring revenue. It will allow you to see the following either on a monthly, quarterly basis or for LTM 2 years back, LTM last year, LTM, L6M annualized and L3M annualized.
– Evolution of Revenue, EBITDA and EBITDA %
– Revenue by quarter
– Revenue seasonality
– Rolling revenue and EBITDA trends
– Bridge of EBITDA
– Movement of revenue generated from Core customers (ie. customers generating revenue over the whole period, allowing you to do a Like for Like analysis)
– Quarterly revenue mix by customer category (broken down by Core, New 2 years ago, New last year, New this year, Lost two years ago, lost this year, lost last year and other)
– See the ramp-up of new customers
– Understand the movement of average revenue by lost customers vs. new customers. These two last analyses combined should help you understand how many new customers you need to bring in to compensate for the loss of one customer
– Revenue bridge by customer category
– Quarterly bridge of new and lost customers to understand churn pattern

Everything is shown in clear and nicely designed charts that you can directly incorporate in your presentations and reportings.

Finally, this best practice includes a summary table of revenue and revenue by active customers broken down by category, with $ and % year on year movements.

All the inputs are indicated in a specific color (salmon), Everything else is automatically calculated and the whole excel file is unlocked so you have full freedom to make the changes you desire.

*** Please note that the bridge charts require excel 2017 or above ****

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