Free Budget Planner Template in Excel for Services Businesses

This Free Budget Planner Template in Excel offers a simple framework to prepare a yearly budget.

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This is a simple free budget planner template in Excel that provides a tool that allows you to prepare a budget for a services business.

This budget planner Excel spreadsheet, allows you to enter data such as revenues, operating costs, other income and expenses for a typical services business. It will help you calculate the financial ratios such as the EBITDA, EBIT, EBT and Net Income for both budget and actual data. The budget planner Excel file also will create a side by side comparison report to help you quickly identify major deviations and to better understand the cost structure as % of sales.

The free budget planner template in Excel includes various charts to understand actuals vs. budgeted figures easier.  It also comes with a waterfall chart showing the EBITDA bridge between budgeted and actual figures.

Basically, the following are included in this simple FREE budget planner template in Excel.

  1. Inputs / Assumptions section
  2. Financial Ratios calculator
    • EBITDA
    • EBIT
    • EBT
    • Net Income – budget and actual data
  3. Charts
    • Actuals vs Budget chart
    • Waterfall Chart

This template is an Excel file with .xlsx file type.


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