Rental Property Spreadsheet Template

Here you’ll find a simple Rental Property Spreadsheet Template to help you better analyze your potential investment properties and make better decisions.

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NOTE: Single-User pertains to a limited Single User License where the template can only be used by one single user; while Multi-User is a license for users sharing the template with up to 20 members. Please refer to Terms of Use and License and Permitted Use for clarification.

Wasting hours trying to analyze properties? Our pre-built Rental Property Spreadsheet Template is easy to use and beginner-friendly. With it, you’ll be able to analyze any property in less than two minutes so you can review lots of potential deals very quickly

Rental Property Spreadsheet Template Key Features

– Scenario Analysis

– Profitability Analysis

– White Labeling

– Debt Amortization Schedule

– Summary Graphs

– Single & Multi-Family Analysis

Rental Property Spreadsheet Template available visualizations

Scenario Analysis | Automatically review the impact of multiple parameters on your profitability

Profitability Analysis | Perform complex profitability analysis using more than 5 key financial indicators (IRR, NOI, Cap Rate, etc.)

Single & Multi-Family Analysis | Analyze both Single-Family Houses and Multi-Family Properties

Custom Sheet & White Labeling | Tailor our Rental Property Spreadsheet Template to your specific needs with our additional fully customizable sheet. You can also add your logo to our report

Debt Amortization Schedule | Track down your debt repayment on a monthly or yearly basis, over the life of your project

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