Charts and Dashboards in Excel

Creating professionally designed magazine-quality charts in Excel.

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Very few people think of Excel as being able to produce professional-quality business charts. But this is true – Excel is an extremely powerful charting tool.

Charts are an effective means of transmitting data. Furthermore, a professionally designed chart immediately grabs the reader’s attention in a client pitch, business document, or presentation. However, one needs to be familiar with the ‘tools of the trade’ and to work on every chart element to make the chart look professional. In this publication, we will look at the main techniques of designing professional business charts.

This publication consists of two parts:
Free Excel Demo: This is an introductory part explaining the basics of creating professional charts in Excel
Full Excel Template: This is a full version of the file. In addition to the above, it includes six chart examples which you can use in your work or study.

Both versions are accompanied by detailed explanations and interim chart versions. Pictures and brief descriptions of those charts can be found in the Free Excel Demo.

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