Agricultural Financial Model Bundle

This is a collection of financial model templates related to the Agriculture Industry.

Agricultural Financial Model Bundle
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Are you interested in starting a business in the Agriculture Industry? Or are you looking for financial plans for Agriculture startup businesses? If you are, then try out this Agricultural Financial Model bundle! We collected some of our existing financial model templates from the Agriculture industry and turn it into a bundle so that you can save your time from purchasing the templates separately and get them in a bundle for a lesser price!

Included in this Agricultural Financial Model Bundle are the following templates:

  • Greenhouse Startup Excel Model – you will get the Paid Excel Version of this template. This template is easy to use and provides a three statement financial model which will allow you to calculate a Greenhouse business’ profit and loss, build a balance sheet, and calculate cash flow, as well as conduct a valuation of a Greenhouse project.
  • Fish Farm Financial and Valuation Model – you will get two setting for this financial model, one for Land-based and the other is Offshore. You will also get three different versions of this template, using two different measurement systems to make it easier for you to choose and avoid the hassle of converting the units in your model.
    • Land-Based Metric System Version
    • Land-Based Imperial System Version
    • Offshore Metric System Version

The value of this product bundle is USD 248 while the offering price is USD 128 (at a 50% Price Discount!)

All finance models above come as Excel Files and you can also check out the detailed description of the financial model templates by clicking on their respective links.


Greenhouse Startup Excel Model

Model Description


Fish Farm Financial and Valuation Model

Model Description



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