PPC Marketing Feasibility

A great way to plan out your PPC advertising campaign.

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The primary benefit of this model is to give the user some perspective on what kind of profits / cash flows they may achieve at various conversion %’s and various click purchase levels. The functionality has been cleanly designed to compare affiliate marketing vs. direct marketing.

A 1-year monthly cash flow summary is also built in with dynamic capabilities to toggle between two Pay per Click (PPC) models.

Some of the helpful features including:
– Profit per day at various scales
– $ Return on click

The basis for the amount of clicks is 1 month, but when you are driving your conversion % in the inputs, that could be over any length of time and based on that % the numbers are normalized into monthly summaries.

It shows you how big of a difference the bottom line looks with very small changes to conversion.

*Instructional video available upon request.

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