Compare Loans to Bonds

In the simplest form, this financial model allows the user to measure 3 different debt facilities at once. 2 are setup for loans and 1 for bonds. This could be modified to measure more than 500 facilities at once, but that would take more time to do and require service hours of work by me.

Loan to Bonds Comparison
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Video Tutorial:

User can input all the various assumptions they want to for the loans and bonds they are looking to compare. Inputs are all in one spot and the summary is below that. Each loan/bond tab holds their own schedules where the summary will pull from. The summary allows you to compare the differences between loan and bond interest over a given amount of time.

The loan tabs will allow you to account for late fees depending on a % or flat fee per day.

You can enter different payment amounts for a given period and the rest of the schedule will update to stay within the terms of your inputs.

The interest rates have the ability to be variable per period so you do have the flexibility to change that rate at any time.

The idea here is simple, but clear and relevant outputs.

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