Regression Analysis

An Forecasting method in Microsoft Excel.

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It is considered one of the methods of forecasting sales and it depends on the causal relationship between the expected activity factor, which is the independent factor, and the dependent factor, which is sales revenue.

From this case study, you will learn how financial analyst use regression analyses for forecasting the sales volume regression is a statistical method used to determine the strength of the relationship between one dependent variable(usually Y) and a series of other changing variables(independent variable)


Y=cars sales

X=per capital income

a=the intercept

b=the slope

n=the reg.residual

ٍSubject of the following matters:
1- Analyze sales historical data by products, regions, and customers
2- Determining the entity’s market share and what is expected to undergo changes during the budget period, with a focus on the intensity of competition during the budget period.
3- Analyzing the pricing policies expected to be used and their impact on sales
4- Market studies and research.
5- Study the economic conditions and the conditions of the economic sector to which the company belongs and study the income of individuals.
6- Examining new products that are expected to enter the market during the budget period.
7- Determine the advertising policies

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