6 Different Financial Modeling Assessments/Tests for Investment Banking

6 different Financial Model Tests with one coming with a solution. The Models are focused on Infrastructure Assets.

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When I have been going through my Financial Modeling assessments to break into Infrastructure Investment Banking, I found it hard to find assessments online to practice on. The only assessments that I was able to find were complex and advanced models. So I took the approach of uploading all the assessments I have received over time to give the chance for candidates to practice and sharpen their Financial Modeling Skills in Modeling assessments. These assessments give you the chance to know what is asked in these tests, with each and everyone focusing on different aspects. One model includes an LBO assessment where the valuation is done on the given balance sheet.

The exams I have are from:
1) BIG4 Infrastructure Advisory
2) French Boutique Investment Bank specialized in Renewable Energy.
3) A Luxembourg Private Equity group focused on Infrastructure.
4) A Dubai-based Renewable Energy developer with assets in Africa.
5) A French Boutique Investment Bank specialized in general infrastructure.
6) A Copenhagen Private Equity group specialized in Offshore wind – Includes a solution and a Video Demonstration. The assessment is on the first sheet of the excel file, with the remaining sheets being the solution.

There are two versions available:

  • 5 Different Financial Models – you will get a PDF file that shows 5 different modeling assessments (.pdf)
  • 1 Model with Solution – you will get an Excel file that is fully editable/customizable and it shows the 6th assessment along with its solution (.xlsx)

The video demonstration is found here:

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