Zoo/Aquarium or Park: 5-Year Excel Financial Planner

Comprehensive financial model to plan out the cash requirements of a Zoo, Aquarium, or Park. Includes construction and on-going operations.

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There are a lot of moving parts and timing that go along with building a Zoo or similar project. This template has been designed to try and fit all the necessary assumptions so that proper cash needs can be determined. Up to 10 modules exist for planning exhibits.

Cash In-Flow Assumptions:
1. Admission revenue (up to 3 prices).
2. Gift shop gross profit.
3. Donations and Government Funding.
4. Special Events.
5. One-time donations at startup.

Cash Out-Flow Assumptions:
1. Costs per animal per exhibit (daily/monthly/annual) and up to 5 animal types per exhibit with counts of each.
2. On-going exhibit specific costs per month.
3. Construction costs and time-frame per exhibit.
4. The month animals are brought into each exhibit.
5. Staff costs and count over 5 years.
6. Fixed monthly general operating expenses
7. Other one-time startup costs / construction.
8. One-time future capital expenditure items determined by a month input and amount.

This model could also be used for renovations or expansion of a current Zoo or park because you will be able to see the net cash of all in-flows and planned outflows. This helps the user understand how much-estimated cash may be available to commit to growth/updates.

There is a 5-year monthly and annual detail that shows the effects of all assumptions as well as an executive summary to show high-level financial metrics. Finally, there are plenty of graphs and visuals to see the effects of your assumptions over time, including cumulative cash flow, costs by type over 5 years, and estimated visitors over 5 years by type.

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