Retirement Planning – Dividend / Income Generating Assets

See if your income generating assets will be enough to cover your living expenses through retirement.

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*Model updated to reflect a more accurate inflation adjustment.

This financial model will allow the user to enter a wide range of assets they plan on investing in and the annual % yield of those investments. It might be in real estate, bonds, treasuries, S&P, and/or dividend paying stocks.

The model assumes no change in principal and just measures the annual yield against your living expenses over time. Logic has been added to make the timing of various investments dynamic in case you don’t plan on doing everything all at once.

Expense logic is added with start and stop date logic.

The time-line goes on a monthly and annual summary basis for up to 50 years.

Inflation is a variable that can be factored in to show the depletion of the buying power of your assets yield over time. It is also assumed that you are not re-investing any of the income generated from the assets, but you will see the amount of free cash flow after taxes/expenses to see the amount you could re-invest to have no cushion, unless you have included a reserve cushion in the expense schedule.

Visuals of charts are also used to help summarize the information per the assumptions entered by the user.

This is a great way to identify what kind of monthly budget is feasible for you based on some rough income assumptions.

Taxes on an asset-by-asset basis are also included as a variable.


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