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This financial model calculates the financial returns of a real estate development project such as a gated community (residential and commercial units).

The financial model includes the following:

  • Choose any currency you want
  • Choose either square meter (sqm) or square foot (sq ft) as your unit of choice
  • Building types included
    • Residential Property (e.g. Condominiums) with 10 subcategories each
    • Residential Property (e.g. Apartments ) with 10 subcategories each
    • Commercial buildings
  • Detailed Masterplan with land area and built up area
  • Detailed pricing plan
  • Profitability calculation
    • Project IRR to understand the profitability of the whole project
    • Equity IRR to understadn the profitability for Equity investors under a buy and hold scenario
    • Equity IRR and cash on cash multiple under a buy and sell scenario within 5 years for Equity investors
  • Real estate specific metrics such as gross and net yield
  • Debt Schedule with two categories of debt
  • Fixed Asset Schedule

This financial model allows to quickly calculate the returns of a small real estate development project and can serve as a basis to finetune the development plan further.

The model is available in two versions, one with only the input cells editable (LITE) and all cells editable (Normal).

Filetype: .xlsx (Microsoft Excel 2008 for Mac)

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Summary The Gated Community Financial Model calculates the profitability of a real estate development project with residential and commercial buildings.
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