Full Inventory Management System

Monthly Inventory Level

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**Recent updates for version 2 include showing revenue/cogs/gross profit. The cogs feature does a weighted average cost per item per sku/product id based on a date range chosen to be queried from the database tab to pull the cost of items sold in a given month.

Tab 1: User enters all relevant information about an inventory movement. Could be an item being added or removed.

Tab 2: Allows user to enter any date range in order to see the average cost, net count, and total value of any inventory item. Also, you can enter a single date and see the total value of inventory as of that date.

Tab 3/4: Showing monthly summaries of all inventory items and keeps a monthly running balance of these items.

Tab 5: Visual that showing inventory level by month based on $ and count.

*Note the full version includes instructions. Video available if requested.



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Summary The user has the ability to enter inventory movements, track it in a clean database based on macro input, and then query this to see average cost, net count, net value on date ranges as well as a consolidated monthly summary/running balance.
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