Daily Time Tracking Spreadsheet Dashboard

Free Get Daily Time Tracking Spreadsheet Dashboard for FREE for Employee Time Tracking in Excel. For Business owners and HR departments as a simple timesheet.

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The Get Daily Time Tracking Spreadsheet Dashboard for FREE is constructed by one clear Dashboard page.

If you are a small business owner or human resources professional you may find yourself keeping several Excel files. Noting down employees’ worked hours and calculating payment amounts… Since money is involved, this process should be done very carefully. We have prepared this free Get Daily Time Tracking Spreadsheet Dashboard for FREE to make time tracking and payment calculations easier.

Just input your employees, daily wages, and days they worked/not worked. The Get Daily Time Tracking Spreadsheet Dashboard for FREE will give you a summary of the total payments and salary of each employee for that month. You can manage the timesheet with easy drop-down boxes while color-coding makes it easier to follow.

We have left tax laws and regulations out of this payroll template’s scope. Because tax rates and rules change from country to country. But you can add taxes on top of the template’s output.

Daily Time Tracking Spreadsheet Key Features

– Clean Dashboard Layout

– Daily Employee Time Tracking

– Quick Analysis of Payroll Calculation

– Print Ready

– Dropdown Menus

– Color Coding

Daily Time Tracking Spreadsheet available visualizations

Step 1 – Setup | Go to Settings to enter Company Name, Year and you type in your employee categories and add their daily rate.

Step 2 – Select a Month | At the Employee Time Tracking tab, choose the month you need to input data from the drop-down menu at the top-right side.

Step 3 – Add Employees | Input the names of the employees and select their positions from the drop-down menu.
As for each employee, the daily rate will be applied based on the chosen position.

Step 4 – Inputs Worked Days | Finally, W and U letters represent the Worked and Unworked days of the employees which you can edit for each employee for 31 days.

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