Tire and Auto Repair Business Plan / Financial Model

A fully comprehensive 5 year financial model for the auto repair and tire industry. Dynamic forecasting on all revenue and expense items with up to 5 financing options.

auto repair shop business plan
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This is a financial model template for a car repair shop business plan.

Assumptions of Revenue/Expenses are the following:

1. Build your assumptions page to forecast tire sales, service sales, and parts/accessory sales.
2. Build costs out for CEO/managers/sales staff/mechanics/other on-going operational costs.
3. Pick the date each type of tire / service / part starts its sales ramping as well as when each type of salary worker / hourly worker begins.
4. Summaries, charts, and graphs are plentiful so you can paint a picture of any areas you wish to focus on.
5. DCF valuation included.

Much of the visualization of this auto repair business plan is surrounding revenue /sales by stream type and category type as well as accumulated cash flow and leveraged / un-leveraged scenario results on the ‘returns’ page.

Logic for tire sales / part sales: Enter the month a given item begins, the average price charged, the average cost per item, and the count sold each month over 5 years.

Car repair service logic works similarly but you pick the hourly rate charged for various service types and the estimated monthly hours you plan to sell of each repair category in this auto repair shop business plan.

Both monthly and annual sheets are available to see a detailed breakdown of how all the data comes together. These are income statement like sheets, but you also see sales counts on them instead of just the $ values.

Cash flow is also tracked so you can see how long it takes to break-even in both leveraged and non-leveraged cases.

There has also been logic added for one-time project expenses that can be input for any month in the 5 year span.

Finally, you will be able to input assumptions for up to 5 different loans that start/stop whenever you define them to.

The auto repair business plan model will back into ‘capital requirements’ on the ‘returns’ tab.


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