Online Bank Business Plan Financial Model Excel Template

Our online banking financial model helps to make an economic forecast for online banks. This model has all the necessary templates that help users to analyze the transactions of the bank and their impact on its financial performance. This online bank financial model will be a substantial financial background for online banks and other companies that render online financial services.

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Analyze Online Bank Revenue Model, Costs, Profit, And Cash Flow With Online Bank Financial Model Excel Template. Get It!

This online bank financial model will help online banks and other companies that render online financial services to manage their finances.


The online banking financial model has all main financial statements, i.e., Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement. It also has additional calculations and forecasts revenant for the banking industry.
Our banking business model template contains the spreadsheet with four types of payments commission revenue: remittance commission revenue, payroll commission revenue, deposit yield, and interchange revenue (forex).
This model has a detailed transaction breakdown spreadsheet designed for online banks. It has the following transaction types: internet payments, cards issued, payments between cards, payroll projects, and cash withdrawals. It also has a significant expenses’ type – costs on servicing one client.
Our online bank business model also has marketing activities’ breakdown. It consists of various types of marketing, such as advertising, organic clients, referral clients, etc., and their connection with the number of clients. You can also find a customer acquisition cost breakdown.
The financial model for the online bank also has Pro-forma for the deposits’ economic analysis.
Like all our financial models, the online banking economic model helps to analyze the main types of income and expenses. In respect of online banks, this spreadsheet has additional examples of costs as expenses on credit cards’ issuance.


This is a ready-to-use financial model for online banks that can be used both for internal and external purposes, such as negotiations with potential investors.

This financial model has templates for all main types of income and expenses that the online bank might have. You do not need to miss some essential business information, because our model has all you need.

The online bank financial template has a detailed transaction breakdown.

Our online bank business model has four types of Internet payments commission revenue.

It also has specific and fundamental expenses breakdown, such as a customer acquisition cost and expenses on servicing one client.

The model has a very convenient Pro-forma for the financial analysis of deposits.

The dashboard combines all financial information around the model.

You can use our online bank financial model in Excel and PDF for your convenience.

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