Startup Models

Financial models for Startup companies are important tools for entrepreneurs as they are used to raise funding from Business Angels and Venture Capitalists. A good Startup financial model template Excel file can help entrepreneurs to prepare for such discussions. Therefore, Startup financial plan excel models need to answer specific questions of relevance to Startup companies and their investors. Therefore a good quality Startup model template answers questions such as:

  • Amount of financing needed
  • Monthly cash flow budget and burn rate
  • Clear separation between fixed and variable costs
  • Breakeven analysis
  • Company valuation at Exit and investor return calculation

The Startup financial model template in excel should allow investors and entrepreneurs to run scenario simulations how this business can develop to figure out the worst and best case scenarios. As every financial model, also a Startup financial plan excel file needs to be specific to the business case and perform the analysis of sources of revenues, cost structure and its assumptions.

Example startup financial model templates in Excel are available in industries such as:

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