Break-Even Analysis, Forecast and Valuation

Enter your relevant variable and fixed costs in order to see what you need to make in order to break even. 5-Year forecasts and valuation have been added to this.

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Video Tutorial:

I will use this description to describe how to use the model.

Recent Updates: You will now be able to drive revenues, expenses, debt service, and CapEx within a 5-year annual forecast that runs based off of the break-even analysis / profit target figures. Additionally, a 5-year DCF Enterprise valuation has been built in.

1. You will enter your fixed and variable costs in the cells with blue text.
2. I have built expandable margins so you can view all the cost items or just the sub-totals at one time.
3. Note that the break-even number that comes up is the amount of total sales you have to make within the period that your fixed costs happen. So, if your fixed costs you enter are for 1 month, than this is your monthly break even sales target. If it is for the year, than this is your annual break even target.
4. I also added a net profit target. It simply allows the user to enter a net profit margin goal and based on that a total sales figure populates. That means it shows the total sales you will need to make in order to have enough net profit left over to hit your profit margin target.
5. Visuals have been added to show fixed vs. variable expenses given a break even scenario (not including the profit section).

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