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Financial Forecasting Models

Are you searching for a financial forecasting model that provides effective analysis and valuation for business?  Our excel templates can meet your financial requirements. We provide the financial solution needed by Entrepreneur, CFOs, CEOs, Business Analysts and investors for accurate financial valuation.

Take advantage of financial forecasting models in our marketplace to optimize business. Our resources and services are available in templates for project evaluation, processing, and implementation. These free and paid templates provide quick solutions for company valuations and financial plans with amazing results across industries. They are formatted, easy to use and timeline effective in financial operations. Constant improvements over time on these financial tools have made users to effectively work without challenges on various projects. Going by valuable skills, interest, and expertise, anyone can register with us as a vendor. These tools guarantee financial representation of all variables to deliver a better business decision.

Industry-based financial models

We can combine your industry-specific templates into one financial forecasting model to simplify business operation. Model templates like e-Commerce [Amazon specific], Hospital, Mining operation, Real Estate, Fruits and Apple Orchard can be grouped into one variety bundle. Each model in the bundle has industry-specific assumptions which can be accessed to find out its true financial state. From the analysis, further financing cost that is required can be determined within the specific models.

Tracking Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable

As managers, CFO’s or accountants, financial forecasting model provides the most simplified process of entering data into payable and receivable invoices. This enables you to view the entire process centrally with the summary in various ways. The template can display the total monthly accrued money on the Account Receivable function, and all amount paid to you. The outstanding balance of the invoice and customer/client payments will also be displayed. It provides a sheet to display the monthly summary and per customer or vendor analysis. This sheet can handle 250 customers and 100 vendors, yet this figure can be exceeded.  Additionally, the AR and AP invoice analysis will show the total amount on the invoice, amount paid and the balance.

Full-Service Hospital Financial Model

Start by assumption and plan for monthly, annual profit or loss summaries, with a spread of over 20-year return sheet with IRR or ROI. By similar assumption, choose your incomes, Revenue, expenses and financing from the data provided and allow them over time for a price adjustment. With understanding and logical evaluation from the financial forecasting model, you can set up a 250 bed [adjustable] hospital. This finance template will create room for revenues and cost implication at the most challenging stage that is critically active. It further reviews the impact of loan percentage, the initial cost, and sale of building with leaseback.

Budget to Actual Comparison

The monthly budget-to-actual dashboard can display analysis in a split second! The adjustable pattern creates about three sets each of revenue, the cost of sales and operating expense sections, which can be customized for business. You can decide to use either one or two of revenue or expense category. The moment you enter “do not use”, the financial forecasting model will complete all the necessary changes. For fiscal year analysis and adjustments, enter your revenue and expense category on the control panel with the requested month.  Proceed by entering the budget and actual values for each month, the dashboard will display all the expense analysis on the YTD-basis. This tool precisely compares actual performance to budget performance.

KPI Dashboard for Ultimate Sales Tracking

Looking for a financial forecasting model that can instantly track your sales? KPI Dashboard can track invoices, Data points, salesmen and products effectively. The Ultimate KPI dashboard in excel is loaded with lively roles and tracking features for a variety of items contained in the invoice. This tool can ultimately track total sales, outstanding and amounts paid across all invoices over a given time frame. The model can track products, sales and 10 other organization measures you wish to add daily for 365 days.

Waste to Energy Financial Model

Financial forecasting model provides quicker evaluation for financial feasibility in waste to energy projects, like the landfill gas plant. Using finance model to enter key assumptions into the dashboard makes it easier to ascertain the project’s budget and cash flow. The tool provides key metric investors the strategic requirement, a 30 years forecast of cash flow and the calculation of IRR for the project. The available two versions of the model can effectively manage your budget and forecast. The author offers a Skype call to explain in details how the financial tool works.

 Agriculture, Shrimp Farm

The Shrimp farm finance forecasting model helps operators of shrimp farm to have an accurate budget and financial forecast of the project. The revenue and cost of shrimp broodstock, hatchery, and nursery as well as grow out operations can be forecasted with the tool. The model gives detail investment framework needed to finance the project. The two versions provide all necessary inputs for investors to get a detailed business plan and cash flow forecast in shrimp farming operation. It offers a 10-year forecast on shrimp farm assumptions.

Insurance Pricing Model

Insurance purchase charges should be consistent with any given offer of product or service. Financial forecasting model improves your service charges on insurance operation. This tool gives you a logical and clean layout guide to experiment on multiple insurance package structures. The process focuses on the cost of claim and % occurrence in different features and situation. When the % return on the expected potential risk is high, more charges will apply to the insurance purchase. This process makes the tool an effective selling model for insurance offering.

Monthly/Quarterly Salesmen Bonus Template

Business can pay a bonus to salesmen and still make a profit. Financial forecast model helps business owners and managers build template to accommodate performance-based incentives. When the base salary, salary goals, w/corresponding quarterly bonuses, and every cost to maintain the account is added, it amounts to gross revenue by month and quarter. This is what automatically results in a bonus for the month. The model performs deeply better beyond calculating bonuses, to fully review salesmen impact on the business.  Various salesmen’s performance can be instantly displayed from specific incentive plans of the template.

Financial forecasting models are available in free and paid versions. Download financial forecasting models for business modeling purposes from eFinancialModels for effective analysis and valuation for business.

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