Salesmen Bonus Calculator

See the full impact of your salesmen from top line to bottom.

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This financial model allows the owner/manager to build a template that lays out performance based salesmen incentives. You can simply enter their base salary, sales goals w/corresponding quarterly bonuses, and all related costs to maintain their accounts. This will then roll down to gross revenue by month and by quarter, automatically filling in a bonus for the month if hurdle was passed.

This model goes deeper than just calculating bonuses. You get to see the full impact that a salesmen has on the business.

Note, if you want the model to be built for specific incentive plans (if you have more logic that needs to be put in to show how you give a bonus) and/or to see many salesmen’s performances at once, this would require extra time that will be billed out at $40/hr.

At the end of the day, you get to see how much of a bonus you can afford to give to a salesmen and still make a profit.



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