Full Service Hospital Financial Model

This financial model attempts to give the user a full scope of starting a 250 bed (adjustable) hospital. It will allow for all revenue and cost assumptions at a very complex level that is fully dynamic as well as show effects of a loan as % of startup costs and sale of building with leaseback.

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The easiest way to describe what you are getting with this is to start with the assumptions that will drive monthly/annual profit/loss summaries and a 20-year return sheet with IRR/ROI leveraged and un-leveraged.

Income Assumptions Include:
1. Bed occupancy % by year.
2. Inpatient/Outpatients count per month by year.
3. Revenue: patient room (various sizes), specialty services, surgical theaters (various sizes), cafeteria, rental space, and parking garage.
4. Expenses: Possibility of a % of fees going to doctor, regular doctor salary (choose if they get a fee/salary or one or the other, clinical salaries, admin salaries, property & maintenance, building/construction, medical record charges.
5. Financing: choose loan, term, possible holiday on debt payment, interest rate, leaseback.
6. Pick discount rate for NPV analysis.

All revenue and expenses give the option to adjust for rising prices at an annual rate per each category.

Disclaimer: Note that you will have to go through and adjust all the cells in yellow across this model in order to fit your own assumptions.

*Revenue calculation of ancillary services: You will assign a % of total monthly patients (in/out) to each type of service and the fee on those services represents what you expect to make on average per patient that receives those services.


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