Toll Roads

Toll roads are controlled-access highways in which a fee or toll is required from the motorists to access the way. These highways are constructed to provide high-quality roads, which either funded by private organizations or both from public and private sources. The amount of fee might vary depending on the type of car and weight. Tolls are often collected at toll booths while others use electronic toll collection equipment, which automatically communicates with a toll’s payer transponder. Presented here are financial model templates for toll roads.

Toll Road Build and Operate financial model is a project finance model for construction and operations of a toll concession

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This financial model capture all the essential inputs related to construction, operation and financing.  It includes a template for development and construction cost, toll length, number of vehicles per day, flexible funding profile and etc. This model would allow user to change variables based on actual data and provide instant result of complex calculation by altering few only few variables.