Learn Financial Modeling

Learn Financial Modeling! Do you need to understand financial modeling in more detail? You like to build more sophisticated models? – An online course can be an excellent way to acquire those skills.

We have thus listed below a few online courses from our Partner firms we can recommend. Feel free to check them out.

This is a well rated step-by-step financial modeling course that has been taught to thousands of finance professionals at top financial institutions around the world. In this course you will learn to build a financial model from scratch by working in Excel and following along with the video. You can also get a certificate from the course provider. Course contents are:

  1. Develop a structured approach to financial modeling
  2. Forecasting the income statement and balance sheet
  3. Build debt and financing schedules
  4. Building a free cash flow statement


Financial Modeling with MS Excel Online Course

This is a general course to become familiar with Financial Modeling



This course gives you an explanation how to master the art of building a financial model and valuing an eCommerce Startup. The course will teach you how to build a startup financial model from scratch. The course will also explain how to figure out how much money the business has to raise and model out each year’s cash flows.


This is another well rated course which explains how to build a financial model for a mining asset. The course also explains how to pull information from the Feasibility Study and its mine plan into the financial model in Excel and how to build the forecast.


Real Estate Estate Development

Online Course Real – Estate Development

This course is designed for real estate professionals who is seeking to become an expert in financial modeling for real estate development. The course explains step-by-step how to build a dynamic a financial model that incorporates sensitivity analysis of development costs, sales prices, and other aspects of development.



 If you know any other online course you can recommend in financial modeling and you think it should be added here, kindly tell us.