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Do you like to understand financial modeling in more detail? Learning how to build your own Excel model can be a great skill to master and can allow you to start a career in Investment Banking, Private Equity, Venture Capital, or Consulting. Today also, many Entrepreneurs are confronted with the task of creating an Excel model of their business when entering discussions to raise financing from investors. Financial modeling becomes a skill which is needed again and again during the course of a career. In summary, these are the most common reasons to learn more about financial modeling:

  • Preparing for an internship or a career in Finance, Investment Banking, Private Equity, Consulting
  • Preparing a business plan to raise financing
  • Preparing a budget, financial plan, and implement a controlling framework

Learning financial modeling today has become easier than ever before, as you can simply take an online course from the convenience of your home and at the time of the day you prefer. Building a financial model is an art, as it requires a lot of training and practice. By attending an online Excel modeling course, you can cover topics such as the following:

  • Understanding the Accounting Basics which are needed to build the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statements
  • Understanding the difference between profit and cash flow
  • Understanding Financial Ratio Analysis and its implications in more detail
  • Applying a structured approach on how to build a financial model in Excel
  • Building a debt schedule, fixed asset schedule, and estimate net working capital items
  • Building and understanding the components of the Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) which is used as the Discount rate
  • Performing a Discounted Free Cash Flow Valuation and understanding the pros and cons of the various valuation approaches such as DCF, Transaction Multiples, Comparable Quoted Company Multiples, Replacement Costs, Capitalized Earnings valuation
  • Learning industry best practices in building dynamic Excel Spreadsheets and which Formulas to use

Here is our selection of some of the best online financial modeling courses currently available on the web. They allow you to study financial modeling Excel in more detail anywhere and at any time and build the foundation for a career in this field. Get started today to move your financial modeling skills to the next level.

Building a Financial Model in Excel

The following outlines the curriculum of an Excel modeling course online which can serve as an example of how an online course is structured.

This is a step-by-step financial modeling course taught to thousands of finance professionals at top financial institutions around the world. In this course, you will learn to build a financial model from scratch by working in Excel and following along with videos. The course is structured as follows:

  • A structured approach to financial modeling
  • Forecasting the income statement and balance sheet
  • Debt and financing schedules
  • Building a free cash flow statement

The course provides essential preparation for wall street careers in investment banking, corporate development, and other areas of corporate finance. If you are interested in this course, simply follow this link to sign up.

Take a Giant Leap with Real Estate Financial Modeling Course

The biggest fear of a real estate investor is investing in a project that brings loses for him. You can make a rewarding career for yourself in the world of real estate by becoming a real estate financial model developer. Corporate Finance Institute, one of the leading training institutes in the world of real estate and finance, has designed a wonderful course called Real Estate Financial Modeling Course. This course can serve as a launch pad for young graduates aspiring to carve a niche for themselves as financial modeling professionals.

Real Estate Financial Modeling Course will give you knowledge about concepts related to real estate and finance. You will gain mastery over the terminology and the formulae and ratios that are necessary to arrive at the feasibility of a real estate project or transaction. You will be able to make financial models in Excel format to clearly point out whether a project is profitable or not. If you are interested in becoming a much sought after professional, just click on the link above.

Build a Career in Financial Modeling and Valuation

Are you interested in becoming a financial modeling expert or a valuation expert? Both are very rewarding careers with lots of money and a respectable job with banks, financial institutions, and real estate agencies. CFI, a leading financial analyst certification company, has come up with a study course that will help you in realizing your dreams.

The name of the course is Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA) and it has been designed to provide you with the skills to advance your career to new heights. It will give you in demand industry knowledge and hands-on practice to become a confident financial analyst. This course will also turn you into a highly skilled company valuation expert. After doing FMVA, you will be able to perform corporate financial analysis with ease and confidence. To give your career a new direction and to add a feather in your cap, just click on the link provided above.

Make a Rewarding Career for yourself with FP&A Monthly Cash Flow Modeling Course

Finance and Real Estate are two of the fastest developing sectors of the economy. There is a great demand for financial modeling experts among banks, real estate investors, and builders. Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) has introduced an attractive course called FP&A Monthly Cash Flow Modeling. This course has been designed to produce highly skilled and knowledgeable financial experts for the industry. By successfully completing this course, you can become a budgeting and forecasting expert. This skill will help you in your career or help your clients with obtaining a substantiated picture of the future expected cash flows from businesses.

In this course, you will learn and master the art of building a 12-month cash flow model. This cash flow model will be in Excel form complete with assumptions, financial analysis, and charts. You will be able to forecast revenues and operating expenses to make the picture clear for your clients. Click on the link above and enroll for the course today.

Full CFI Program to become a Much Sought-After Finance Professional

Do you want to make a rewarding career in the field of finance and real estate? If yes, you need to do a study course that adds the in-demand skills and knowledge to your repertoire. You need to enroll in the Full CFI program that includes not one or two but 24 courses. It also makes you an expert in creating financial models and will end with a certificate endorsing your skills as a certified financial analyst. After doing this course successfully, you should have acquired extensive skills as a financial analyst and modeling expert in the field of real estate and finance.

By joining this course, you get access to all courses designed by the experts at CFI. You will become an expert at financial modeling, valuation, charts, dashboards, and presentations in Excel. As a bonus, you also get certification as an expert Financial Modeling and Valuation Expert (FMVA). Join this course today and give wings to your career.

Learn the Ultimate guide in Building a complete DCF Valuation Model

For aspiring investment bankers and corporate finance practitioners, it is crucial to get a good picture of the key drivers of share value in an investment opportunity. A DCF helps determine the current value of a company according to its estimated future cash flows. So, to learn to build an effective and complete DCF Valuation Model, Udemy, an online learning platform for professionals, offers you one of its best courses online.

Financial Modeling: Build a Complete DCF Valuation Model is a full course which will help you learn the following:

  • Building a Cash Flow Statement
  • Building Valuation model from scratch
  • Performing sensitivity analysis
  • How to value a company
  • How to create a model with multiple scenarios
  • How to create professional and good looking advanced charts

Grab this opportunity and click the link above and start paving your way in becoming an expert in building a DCF model.

Be a winner in Excel for Financial Modeling and Valuation

Do you want to work comfortably with Microsoft Excel and its advanced features? To be more efficient in carrying out tasks and be the hero on top Excel users in your team? Then Udemy just got the right course for you. One of the best top courses, Beginner to Pro in Excel: Financial Modeling and Valuation is a course that will not only boost your Excel skills but will also help you become a Financial modeling and valuation expert as it includes classes like building Cash Flow Statements, P&L statement from raw data extraction and even learning how to value a company. Yes, all of that in one course!

So, join this course now and click on the link above. Be able to walk into a job then knock their socks off with your amazing Excel skills and be on top of your peers.

Speak the language of business without taking an Accounting course

Time is gold and every second count. Building a foundation of knowledge for business will take a lot of time if you want to follow the traditional way of learning. The same in financial modeling, you will be dealing with a great deal of financial statements. So, if you want to read and understand financial statements but you didn’t want to take an accounting course, Udemy, a massive online platform for learning, is offering a course on How to read Financial Statements: Build Financial Literacy.

No need to take a full toiling accounting course. Just click the link above and join the course today. The course is designed for learning all the know-how of financial statements, giving you the exact substantial knowledge that you need.

Take a step forward in your career and learn all about the basics

Do you want to invest but don’t know anything about Finance, Accounting or Modeling, and Valuation? Do you want to start a career in Financial modeling but don’t know where to start? Supplement yourself with the basic knowledge to blast off in your career and future business endeavors as you start learning the basics with Introduction to Finance, Accounting, Modeling and Valuation course. Offered on Udemy, learn Finance and Accounting from scratch by an award-winning MBA Professor, Ivy Graduate.

It is one of the best-selling course and as a bonus, you will also get to enjoy learning the #1 best-selling Accounting course on Udemy included in the program. So, join now and don’t miss this chance to learn from the very best. Just click the link above if you’re interested and start building a foundation for your career.

Be the best in Financial Modeling and Valuation from zero to 100% Pro

In building financial modeling and valuation, it is your goal to be accurate with forecasting and valuation. You’ll need to capture all the variables and create formulas around it and at the end, be able to depict and predict the future performance of a company. To be an effective analyst, you need to learn not just the basics on how to read financial statements, but also how to build a financial model and valuation yourself.

Fortunately, Udemy has the best course for you to win in your career. One of the best top seller courses, Financial Modeling, and Valuation: Complete Beginner to Pro is designed to help you step by step in creating Financial models from scratch, making you a beginner to a professional in no time. Just click the link above if you’re interested and join the course today. Take a step and push yourself to the top in your career as you pave your way in learning to be an expert in Financial modeling and Valuation.

Here is the full list of financial modeling courses we are aware of, please visit the following link.

Financial Modeling Courses and Training

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