Where to find the Index of References – Terms & Abbreviations

In some cases, not all users are familiar with the Terms and Abbreviations that our financial modelers use in their financial model templates. As such, we get questions like, if we have a list or an index of reference to check the meaning of the terms and abbreviations used in a financial model template.

Yes, we do! Just click this link: Financial Terms & Abbreviations and see if the abbreviations you are looking for is listed there. If you still can’t find the abbreviations on the page, you can write a comment below it to notify us and we will add the term as soon as possible for future reference.

However, there are indeed financial model templates that add an extra sheet within the workbook to list all the terms and abbreviations with explanations to help the users better understand the model template more. But of course, it still depends on which model you downloaded.

As mentioned above, please don’t hesitate to comment below about terms and abbreviations that you found in a financial model template and couldn’t figure out what it is so that we can help you add it in our list as well as explain what it is for.

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