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Unfortunately, we do not offer any refunds. Our products are “digital products” and are sold “as is” which cannot be taken back once the User downloads the products.

The Users are given every chance to validate their purchase before proceeding with the transaction. Most of our products offer “FREE PDF versions” which we strongly recommend for our Users to download before purchasing the “Excel Model Template versions”. We also provided screenshots and detailed product descriptions to help understand the model structure of the model template(s). Another thing of note is that we recommended to our Users to contact us if they are in doubt and need clarification regarding the model template(s) they want to purchase.

We are a serious business and would like to avoid issues with our Users, as such, we made sure to clarify and put important notes for the Users before proceeding to Checkout.

On our Checkout page on our website, where we clearly stated to double-check your purchase as we cannot provide refunds since we are selling a digital product that cannot be taken back. We also extended an invitation to our Users to reach out to us before purchasing if they have any doubts. 

You will see on the Checkout Page the following message on top:

And at the bottom before completing the transaction, you will see the following:

Our REFUND policy stated:

Our Refund Policy is stated on our Terms of Use and is linked to confirm if the User agrees to our Terms before purchasing a financial model template on our platform.

This entails that reasons such as:

  • Wrong Purchase
  • Do not like the template
  • Changed decision
  • Do not work for other worksheet software

are all non-valid reasons for asking for a refund. Read more below for a more thorough explanation about the reasons stated above.


Wrong Purchase – A case when a User mistakenly purchased the wrong intended template.

On the Checkout page, there is a note above to confirm if the product in the cart is the correct model template. Our templates are created by different authors, as such, once the transaction is done, we cannot take back the payment given directly to the corresponding author. In case the product the User intended to purchase is from the same author, we can try and help you request a discount off to purchase the correct model template. However, your payment from the previous transaction will still not be refunded.

Do not like the Template – A case when a User simply doesn’t like the template

As mentioned on our Refund Policy found on our Terms of Use, our products are sold “as is” and cannot be taken back. Therefore, simply not liking the template is not a valid reason to ask for a refund. The product works as it should with no issues and can still be used for future ventures.

Please also note, many of our model templates offer free PDF download versions, where the User can check the exact model structure before the purchase. The User can also find screenshots and a detailed product description about the model Template.

This means that the User is given every chance to understand what they are buying before purchasing the model.

Changed Decisions – A case when a User changed his/her mind after purchasing the template

The same as above, we cannot issue a refund as we cannot take back our “digital products” once downloaded. The payments are also directly credited to the authors of the model templates.

Kindly note, our vendors spend countless hours developing these templates and we have to protect their work. Nothing precludes the User from keeping and making a copy of the product without our consent and we are at high risk of fraudulent behavior. 

Even if the User did not utilize the template or believes it is not helpful for them, this does not mean the template is defective or without value. The User can always save the template for future use and reuse it for their subsequent projects.

Do not work for other worksheet software – A case where the User wants to use a different worksheet software

On our Main Page, you will see the following:

Our platform mainly provides financial model templates designed for MS Excel and Google Sheets. Most of our templates are using MS Excel and are intended to work using MS Excel. We recently added Google Sheets templates and clearly stated on their corresponding product pages that the template is designed for Google Sheets only.

In case the User wants to use the Excel model template and open it using different worksheet software, there will be issues bound to happen. This, however, doesn’t validate a refund since the model templates are as stated, “Excel Templates” and will open using “MS Excel”. The same can be said to our Google Sheets templates.

Not all worksheet software works the same, as such, we highly recommend for our Users to inquire with our Customer Support to clarify if the template works on another software.

Feel free to read the following article for more details: Can you Import Excel Model Templates to Google Sheets?

Contact US

If you have any questions regarding the template and need our assistance, especially if you have any concerns with the template then we are more than willing to help. We can also help you connect with the author of the model template for any customization assistance and requests.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at: [email protected] and we will get back to you within 24hrs.

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