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I have a passion for utilizing modeling and analysis to make better business decisions. I believe in leveraging financial and operational data to understand the problems facing a business and utilizing modeling to understand the impact of potential solutions and other business initiatives. I love turning large amounts of data and information into management insights. The tools I build are interactive and custom and solve business problems. In my prior experience, I have worked as a senior analyst in management consulting touching areas including transaction advisory (mergers and acquisitions as well as debt and equity financing), CFO advisory, strategic planning and business process optimization. I have experience in businesses of all phases, from start-ups to mature companies, and in many different industries. I have a unique skillset in that I am also very passionate in information visualization, resulting in very professional and visually-enticing materials. I am well-versed in best practices for dashboards and models and any product I deliver will be end-user friendly and easily communicable. Please email me at [email protected] for a full copy of my portfolio!

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This monthly budget-to-actual dashboard allows for at-a-glance performance analysis. In addition to analyzing YTD performance, it also provides a revised…

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