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Harry worked as a fund manager for Blue Waves Group, a private equity firm based in Singapore and Japan. During his time in private equity, Harry fundraised $14 million in investments, oversaw the initiation of sustainable investment projects in northern Japan, and executed cross-border M&A projects. In addition, Harry led portfolio support in business development and strategy, including financial modeling, due diligence, and negotiations for various companies in industries such as manufacturing, hospitality, tourism, energy, and food and beverage.While working in Singapore, Harry co-founded a boutique management consulting firm which focuses on cross-border trade and investment, fundraising, and market expansion. Harry continues to serve as the managing partner.Harry began his career as an auditor for PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Jakarta, Indonesia. While working at PwC, Harry worked in a client-facing role and managed client relationships and audited financial statements from various industries such as consumer goods, manufacturing, and agriculture.Harry holds triple master degrees from Lancaster University in Management, Em Lyon Business School France in Business Administration, and Ludwig Maximilan University of Munich in Strategy. He also holds a Bachelor’s of Accounting from Universitas Padjadjaran in Indonesia. Harry is a native speaker of Bahasa Indonesia, and he is fluent in English and

This financial report explained the trend in quantity sold, sales per day, number of pax, average spending per person, and…

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