If you prefer a phone call then please choose which financial modeler you want to work with and book them for a minimum of an hour through here: Custom Financial Modeling Services. Our financial modelers are very busy people so they can only allocate time if you book them. Once you purchase an hour of their time, we will then forward your request to your chosen financial modeler to get back to you and schedule the call.

The IRR can only be calculated if there is an investment and consecutive profit, otherwise, it might not be possible to calculate the IRR. Therefore, please recheck if your cash flow projections show at least 1 year negative in the beginning and positive cash flows in the later years. Sometimes, it can be an indication that your business plan is not working or you are not making enough money (in case your projections show losses going forward). In that case, try to change your assumptions in order to figure out how your project can become profitable.

Each quotation depends on the requested changes. Simply send us the information and specifications you need to be included in your model, then we will get back to you with the proper quotation within 24 hours.

As soon as we receive the payment, the link will be sent to you automatically. Otherwise, please feel free to contact us and we will send you the appropriate link as soon as possible.

If you are not in a hurry and willing to wait, you can simply go to this page: Missing Financial Model Templates, and add your special request so that our vendors will pick up this project and create the appropriate models requested. But, if you need the template as soon as you can, you can purchase our financial modeling services in this page: Customization Services, to help you build a new financial model according to your specifications.

The model templates are sold as is, any customizations are not included in the price. If you require any assistance in customizing the financial model template to your own specific business case, please contact the author of the model or you can simply contact us.

In some models, it is possible to change the units of the metrics, depending on the financial model template.

Here is a great article that you can use as a guide on How to build a Financial Model.

Yes, you can! Please also see our Terms of Use.

Most of the financial model templates are straightforward and self-explaining since all formulas in Excel are disclosed. In some cases, explanations are included, but it depends on model by model. Please also check this article here: How to work on a Financial Model.

Yes, we do! Just click this link: Financial Terms & Abbreviations and see if the abbreviations you are looking for is listed there. If you still can’t find the abbreviations on the page, you can write a comment below it to notify us and we will add the term as soon as possible for future reference.

If you are already registered as a vendor you can simply click this link: Guide on How Better to Sell Financial Model Templates effectively. If you haven’t registered yet, you can click this link instead: Register as a vendor. Once you are registered as one, you can simply submit your financial model templates in our platform. Don’t forget to also read our guide on how to sell your financial model templates better so that you will earn more. We are more than willing to sell your financial model templates on your behalf.

You can submit your application by simply clicking this link: Register as a vendor to apply and fill up the necessary information that is required. Please also read the terms and condition to clarify some things that needs to be noted.

Yes. You can pay also via Credit card.

It is not possible to exchange templates since most updates contain significant changes. If there’s a new version, it is considered a new model and one need to pay again to acquire it.

Just simply go to this link and pick a package that will suit your preference.

Since we are selling a digital product, we, unfortunately, can’t take the order back. If you’re not sure of the product, please contact us before the purchase, as orders can’t be canceled.

You will see the download link on the purchase receipt page and also receive an email with the download link.

Most of the financial model templates do have a free preview or version. Simply select the appropriate file for purchase if available.

You can simply systematically work through the excel model template starting with the assumptions, the P&L line items, CAPEX, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement.

 Most Excel templates will not come with much instructions since the formulas disclosed are actually more precise than writing much text.

The reason for that is that a good Excel model should be self-explaining through its structure. However, a template gives you a good framework but there might still be some fine-tuning to do as every financial modeling case is different.

So how do you go about if you like to customize your model further? – We propose to follow a systematic work plan as follows:

  1. Assumption cells: Normally assumption cells are marked as such and therefore you should work through the assumptions first and fill them with your own assumptions.
  2. Profit and Loss Line Items: The next step is to work through the Profit & Loss line items and see if those apply to your own specific case. You can insert or amend sources of revenues and use the Trace Precedent / Trace Dependent function in Excel to trace back where the revenues come from. When doing this you should be able to trace all calculations back to its assumptions and understand where the numbers come from.
  3. CAPEX, Working Capital: The next step is to review the CAPEX (Capital expenditures or investments) and working capital (Days Receivables, Days Inventory, Days Payables) assumptions so that you can understand how your balance sheet will develop.
  4. Debt Schedule: Next step is to review the debt schedule, especially the interest rate and debt repayment assumptions used.
  5. Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement: Now you should have all elements in place to review your balance sheet forecast and the forecasted change in cash. Your model should show (1) Total Assets = Total Liabilities and Equity and (2) the same cash position on the balance sheet which should be calculated in your cash flow statement forecast.
  6. Reviewing Results and Play with Scenarios. The next step is review all the remaining parts of the model such as the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) valaution, Internal Rate of Return (IRR) calculation and the Executive Summary. To check that your model works, you can simply play now with your assumptions. When varying the assumptions, you can check now that the resulting DCF value or change in IRR is what you would expect.

For more information, see also the article how to best work with a financial model template. If you need any help, feel free to ask one of our skilled financial modelers for help by posting a review project here.


You must purchase the paid version of the Excel model. There the worksheets are unprotected.

For most financial model, the difference between a FREE Version and a FULL Version is that in the FREE Version the formulas are not visible in Excel and the cells are protected. Only Input Cells might be editable so that the user can get a sense for the financial model.


FREE Version

  • Formulas are not visible in the Formula Bar
  • Cells are protected with the exception of some input and assumption cells

FREE Version Financial Model Template
FREE Version Financial Model Template


FULL Version

  • Formulas are visible in the Formula Bar
  • Cells are non protected, they are all editable for full use and further customization of the financial model

Full Version Financial Model Templates
Full Version Financial Model Templates

Vendords get paid instantly via Paypal upon sale of the product. We will therefore need your PayPal email address to ensure the proper functioning of all payments.

Some of the free or LITE model versions do use a password protection of the files. Normally this is indicated in the model description. Please check if there is a paid or premium version available which normally is not using any password protection.

Taylor-made financial models do have the advantage that the can more specific to your business case and your modeling needs.

We are currently working to prepare a solution where you can benefit from the industry and financial modeling expertise of our authors. Simply get in touch with us so that we can link you up with a suitable personal financial modeler which can help you beyond a template.

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YES – As for the moment, basically all models have a switch where a three digit currency code can be entered (default is USD). Simply enter the shortcode of your desired currency and the model will present your new currency code to all financials instead of United States Dollar (USD).

Maybe in the future we might add new financial models where the currency code cannot be changed but thats for later on.

No, as its a digital product we can’t give any refunds. We provide the models “as is”. However, feel free to drop us an email and we will have a look into your feedback.

Contact us if you need tailor made modeling assistance.

Yes you can.

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