For most financial model, the difference between a FREE Version and a FULL Version is that in the FREE Version the formulas are not visible in Excel and the cells are protected. Only Input Cells might be editable so that the user can get a sense for the financial model.


FREE Version

  • Formulas are not visible in the Formula Bar
  • Cells are protected with the exception of some input and assumption cells
FREE Version Financial Model Template
FREE Version Financial Model Template


FULL Version

  • Formulas are visible in the Formula Bar
  • Cells are non protected, they are all editable for full use and further customization of the financial model
Full Version Financial Model Templates
Full Version Financial Model Templates

Via Paypal upon sale of the product. Thus your email address needs to be registered by paypal to ensure a smooth payment.

Some of the free or LITE model versions do use a password protection of the files. Normally this is indicated in the model description. Please check if there is a paid or premium version available which normally is not using any password protection.

Taylor-made financial models do have the advantage that the can more specific to your business case and your modeling needs.

We are currently working to prepare a solution where you can benefit from the industry and financial modeling expertise of our authors. Simply get in touch with us so that we can link you up with a suitable personal financial modeler which can help you beyond a template.

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YES – As for the moment, basically all models have a switch where a three digit currency code can be entered (default is USD). Simply enter the shortcode of your desired currency and the model will present your new currency code to all financials instead of United States Dollar (USD).

Maybe in the future we might add new financial models where the currency code cannot be changed but thats for later on.

No, as its a digital product we can’t give any refunds. We provide the models “as is”. However, feel free to drop us an email and we will have a look into your feedback.

Contact us if you need tailor made modeling assistance.

Yes you can.