Transactional Based Financial Model – Cap Table Included

A transaction facilitator of any kind can benefit from this fee-based financial model. It is geared towards startups.

Transactional Based Financial Model - Cap Table Included
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This is a 5-year financial forecast and cash flow planning tool for transactional business models at the startup level.

If you are looking at any kind of facilitator role where you think you can build out the infrastructure to service some supply and demand system, this should be of some help. It boils down to transactions on the network rather than tracking ‘users’. This means a given user doesn’t have to be a member to actually interact with the system.

Revenue Logic:
Fee from listing; fee from the actual transaction (buyer and seller separated); and an advanced placement fee. There is also logic if you want to consider allowing advertising to take part in your system. They would simply pay for space. You can pick the month a given type of revenue stream starts (up to 3 levels of item types).

Costs are standard variable and fixed over 5 years with dynamic start months.

There is a capitalization table designed to allow for seed round funding or general investor rounds (up to 6) and how that dilutes initial equity share. Cash flows will then dynamically flow to entities based on this logic. That means separate IRR/ROI’s for each round as well as the remaining ‘owners equity’. Note, you can define the valuation at which each investment comes in, which will determine their share of the pie.

If you want to plan out a possible exit within the 5 years, that logic is also built-in and flows to all relevant cash flow summaries. It is based on the month of exit’s annualized revenue x the defined multiple.

A discounted cash flow analysis is included and is on an investor/owner equity basis.

There are tons of charts/graphs for all kinds of visual demonstration functionality.

***Recent update to how investor proceeds flow through the model if month 1 is chosen.


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