Startup Airline Financial Model

The startup airline financial model in Excel was created to help a startup airline to raise funds from the investors by presenting a financial plan / business plan. The financial model contains monthly projections for 5 years. It contains the following sheets:

(i) Assumptions : The sheet contains all the inputs for the financial model. The inputs are separately color coded in yellow cells.
(ii) Revenue : Revenue sheet shows detailed calculation of revenue from passengers and revenue from cargos.
(iii) Cost of Revenue : The sheet shows calculation of various cost of revenue items like lease rental, salaries of crew, fuel costs, handling costs etc.
(iv) S,G & A : The sheet shows selling, general & administrative expenses like office rent, salary of staff etc.
(v) Depreciation Schedule : This sheet shows calculation of deprecation on various types of capex.
(vi) Financing : In this sheet, proportion of financing from various sources is shown.
(vii) Debt Finance : The tab shows loan amortization schedule.
(viii) Monthly & Yearly Financial Statements : This tab shows month wise and year wise Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement
(ix) Valuation : This tab calculates valuation on exit and expected IRR on investment.
(x) Break-Even : This tab shows calculation of Break-even revenue and break-even load factor.
(xi) Charts : This tab shows charts for financial projection figures.



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Summary The financial model is a pro-forma financial projection in Excel for a startup airline. It contains 5 year monthly rolling projections, yearly financial projections, breakeven analysis, valuation and funding section
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