Service / Retail Startup 5-Year Business Plan

Highly sophisticated and friendly user model providing professional presentation of a 5-Year Business Plan for a Start-up Service / Retail Company.

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General overview

The main purpose of the model is to prepare a business plan and obtain clarity of the expected financial performance for a company operating in the Service and/or Retail Industry.

The template is created using Financial Modeling Best Practices including a 3 Statement Financial Model built on a Scenario basis, Business Valuation, Sensitivity Analysis, KPIs, Dashboard, and an Executive Summary.

The structure of the model is user-friendly with very easy customization for any type of business in the Service and/or Retail industry and any kind of academic or professional background of the user.

General Instructions

Throughout the entire model, formulas are in black color and hard-coded numbers are in blue color. The model is divided into input tabs (green color) and output tabs (dark blue color). The user must fill only the blue colored numbers in the input tabs and the rest of the model will be automatically updated.

To begin first update Company’s General Info on the Contents Sheet (blue colored numbers only)

Inputs (Green tabs)

1. Capex-Opex Data: Update Capex – Labor – Operating data and Assumptions
2. Sales Data: Update Volume Data, Sales Price Data, and Assumptions Data
3. Supporting Data: Update all blue color numbers under Initial Investment, Sales Growth, Cost Metrics, Debt, and Inventory Sections

Output Tabs:

1. The model is build based on different scenarios as they are outlined in the “5-Year Forecast” Tab. In each of the output tabs (Blue Color) you will find a selection box with the different scenarios (Base, Upside, Downside). Data and Charts are automatically updated based on the chosen scenario.
2. In the “5-Year Forecast” Tab, you will notice an additional selection box “Productivity”. This is an extra scenario that has been added to the model to calculate results based on the productivity of the company. The scenario under which this model works is of 80% productivity but users can change it according to their own assumptions.
3. All rows containing Years are automatically updated (both Output & Input Tabs). Please do not change
4. Enter the Name of the Company in Contents Tab (cell E15) and the Header Title in each slide will be automatically updated

In the case of any inquiry or modifications/customizations requests, please feel free to contact me via e-mail: [email protected]

This model template comes as a TRIAL version in .pdf and PREMIUM version in .xlsx file type which can be opened using MS Excel and any PDF File Viewer.

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