Retail / eCommerce Business Model Bundle

Get E-Commerce and Retail financial model templates with the bulk price!

Retail and eCommerce Model Template Bundle
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Planning to start a business in the retail industry while also making use of the eCommerce business model? If you are, then this Retail/eCommerce Business Model Bundle is just right for you!

This template bundle includes both a model template for retail business such as a clothing store as well as a model template for an eCommerce business model. These templates are specially designed by expert financial modelers for startups who are in need of help to do a projection of the financial statements as well as to conduct a valuation.

By choosing this bundle, not only will you save your time from having to purchase each template separately, but you will also get to save money from getting this bundle with a discounted price!

Please check out the full product description of each template by clicking on their respective link below:

  1. Clothing Store Financial Model – Paid Excel version
  2. eCommerce Business Financial Model – Full Excel version

Both templates are fully editable with cells unlocked. And since both templates are built using MS Excel, all formulas are transparent and can be changed according to your specifications.

The value of this product bundle is USD 178 while the offering price is USD 125 (at a ~30% Price Discount!)

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