Renewable Energy – Solar Park Financial Excel Model

Solar Park FM is a Project Finance Model for construction and operations of a Solar Park

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Solar Park is a large scale photovoltaic power (PV) station designed for the supply of electricity. They “harvest” the power of the sun to generate electricity.

Fin-wiser’s Solar Park FM model helps the user to asses the financial viability of a solar park project by capturing all the essential inputs related to construction, operation, and financing.

The model includes Project financing, which is the financing of long-term infrastructure and industrial projects based upon a complex financial structure. Both project debt and equity are used to finance the project. Debt is repaid using the cash flow generated by the operation of the project, rather than other resources of the project owners.

The Solar Park FM Model includes assumptions related to:

1. Development and construction costs
2. Total Capacity, utilization, and Capacity factor (P50, P90 & more)
3. Feed-in Tariff, Merchant Price, O&M Cost
4. Flexible Funding Profile – Equity and Debt drawdowns
5. Working Capital Assumptions
6. Straight Line and Accelerated Depreciation option
7. Annuity and Sculpted Debt Repayment option
8. Inflation and Indexation

Model Output includes:
1. Project IRR & NPV
2. Equity IRR & NPV
3. Minimum and Average DSCR
4. LLCR and PLCR
5. Equity Payback Period
6. Cash Waterfall
7. Debt Service Profile
8. Semiannual and Annual Integrated Financial Statements
9. Fully Integrated Dashboard

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