Quick Service Restaurant Franchise Model

Test out various assumptions to see if it makes sense for you to open a franchise or multiple franchises. Includes assumptions specific to the operations of a franchise.

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Helps the potential investor test various assumptions in regards to opening a new franchise (s). Has the ability to model out many units and they may be opened at different times. Startup costs flow to relevant years. You also have the ability to show various franchise fees with given unit volumes.

Beyond a placeholder for all start-up costs, you will enter a given COGS, labor, rent, Utilities, etc… as a % of total sales.

You will also estimate your annual sales per unit.

Cash flow balance over time is tracked and you can input various royalties (up to 4 separate)

The return summary will show you IRR, total cash return, and net cash return as well as relevant %’s.

You have the option to put in financing and that will flow through the model as well (showing relevant debt service at a given year based on amortization schedule).


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