Personal Finance Tool

A easy to use and intuitive tool to track your spending and budgeting, and plan for your personal financial future

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This model will allow you to apply the same level of analysis that you apply to your business to your own personal finances.

Like a business, growing your equity requires analysis and understanding of your costs and also your income sources.

However, many personal finance models require a significant time investment to enter transactions one by one into a custom log or require access by third parties to your private information and spending habits. Who knows what they are doing with that information.

This model solves that problem by making it quick and easy to update your spending history. All you need to do is to download your account summary from your bank account or credit card account, and then paste that file into this model, and you will have an updated and accurate model reflecting your current net worth in seconds.

You will have a complete history of your saving performance without giving control to anyone else.

NOTE: All purchases entitle you to a free 1-hour consultation with us to ensure that you are able to make the most of this tool and discuss any specific requirements you might have.

– Easy to use transactions page which will allow you to simply copy and paste your account statement into the model
– Forecasts of net worth growth and savings rates required included to enable you to make informed decisions about your spending habits
– Tracking of your asset and liability allocations so that you are able to see your progress and how diversified your net worth is
– Account Summary page that allows you to easily review your spending in each period and identify any outliers or spending issues
ModelFinCo specializes in supporting clients with financial projections, investment modeling, and decision support. Our aim is to create simple and easy to use models that can provide you with robust and well thought out analytics to support your decision making. Having worked at top tier investment funds and at the Big 4 we have advised multinationals worldwide on over $10b in transactions and reorganizations and we understand the needs of busy business owners. Usability is our top priority.

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