Paid Online Marketing Model

The financial models forecasts revenues and profits from Google Adwords and Facebook Ad campaigns and calculates IRR and DCF value.

Paid Advertising
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The Paid Online Marketing Model derives the expected revenues and profits from paid online advertisements such as Google Adwords or Facebook ads over the next 5 years and calculates IRR, NPV, Payback and ROI.

The template provides the following:

    • Executive Summary section with charts and key financials
    • Key assumptions sheet specific to paid online marketing initiatives
    • Monthly financial projections (impact on Income Statement) over 5 years
      • Marketing budget
      • Operational metrics such as website traffic, conversion rates, new customers acquired, average order value and orders received
      • Monthly impact on profits
      • Payback period and breakeven month
    • Yearly financial projections (impact on Income Statement)
    • Calculation of  Net Present Value (NPV) via the Discounted Free Cash Flow (DCF) method and Project IRR
    • Calculation of ROI

Reader and print-friendly layout including charts and graphs

The model is available in two versions:

  • PDF DEMO Version
  • FULL VERSION with all cells editable and all formulas visible


.pdf (Adobe Acrobat Reader)

.xlsx (Microsoft Excel)

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