Mobile Home Park / Community Financial Feasibility


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Recent updates have been made to the annual summary display.

All relevant revenue and cost assumptions have been included in this financial model. You can pick costs based on new construction/development or purchasing an existing community.

User can plan out rent fee schedules, unit counts, vacancy %’s, general maintenance, and admin/manager salaries over various year spans.

The model goes out to 50 years monthly and rolls up into an annual forecast. The potential future sale flows through the entire model automatically based on the year you plan to sell as well as the exit cap rate.

Pick a % of the startup costs you want to finance. The debt service flows right to the monthly/annual summaries as well. When you exit, if there is a balance left, it is included in the cash flow for that month/year.

In the returns data, you will see total cash return on investment, net cash return on investment, relevant %’s and net returns/%’s as well as the overall project IRR.

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