Mobile App Development Agency Business Plan Financial Model Excel Template

Mobile App Development Agency Business Plan Template Save 99 hours. Get It! Analyze Mobile App Development Agency Revenue Model, Costs, Profit, And Cash Flow With Mobile App Development Agency Financial Model Excel Template. Get It!

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Mobile applications have firmly rooted in the life of modern people. Games, aggregators, different services, and payment systems – all this one can enjoy on the cellphone. If you think about the development of not just a mobile application that will bring profit, but the whole business, we will tell you how to start.

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The most popular products in this area are games, informational, and financial and technical applications. Creating even a simple mobile app is a painstaking and hard work that takes a lot of time and energy, does not guarantee a big profit in the future. However, genuinely high-quality and necessary applications can get high positions in the AppStore or GooglePlay and bring their developers much money.

We offer novice entrepreneurs to pay attention to a typical mobile app development business plan developed by our experts with calculations. First of all, it will help you to orient on the financial side of the issue and understand “is the game worth the candle”.

One can also see costs that cannot be avoided at the initial stage of establishing the business in the mobile application development plan. Production and marketing data is the necessary number of personnel and equipment, possible risks, calculations of income, and expenses. All this you can find in the mobile app development business plan template from our professionals. And you will receive a detailed financial forecast for five years.

In conclusion, we should note that developers who love their projects and create high-quality software products for mobile platforms will never remain “in a minus”. World practice proves this perfectly. Well, the person who will lead them will be “in a big plus”.

Mobile App Development Agency Financial Plan Template Will Help You

Foster Alignment Within The Team
Make Hiring Decisions
See and compare business expenses and income for periods
Plan for upcoming cash gaps
Attract Top Talents
Estimate expenses for the next periods
Forecast All 3 Financial Statements
Enable you to identify when problems are likely to occur
Make sure you have enough cash to pay suppliers and employees.
Better Position Your Brand

Mobile App Development Agency Financial Plan Excel Template Benefits

Simple and Incredibly Practical
Simple-to-use yet very sophisticated financial planning tool. Whatever size and stage of development your business is, with minimal planning experience and very basic knowledge of Excel you can get complete and reliable results. Additionally, you will receive uncompromised after-sales service and access to valuable tutorial videos and blog posts.

Marketing Budget
The fact is – you would need to spend money to get visitors (leads).
So, the template has a marketing budget section to cover this calculation. Just enter budget assumptions, and the cost per visitor (lead) and you are ready to go forward.

Most agencies have to adapt to seasonality trends. This template will help you adjust to seasonality. Just enter 100% in total for a year by month to distribute the marketing budget, which drives the newly acquired customers.

Revenue Projection
Do you use an hourly-based approach to bill your customers? Great! Then this template will help you project revenues by entering average billable hours per month per active customer by years and by service.
Just fill it with your assumptions and enter your agency’s hourly rate by service kind. And your revenue forecast is ready.

Sales Funnel
Do you need to assume for Visitors (Leads) to Customers conversion ratio to build your agency sales funnel? Use a 3-step sales funnel integrated into the model to make correct assumptions about your sales funnel.

Customers Lifetime
Customers will stay with you only for a while! Isn’t it?
You have to consider this crucial assumption. The template has a customer lifetime assumption in place, and the revenue calculation takes into account how long the customer stays with you.

Starting Point
Do you have existing customers, and you like to start your agency forecast from that? Just put the numbers to the right of service names, and you are ready for the next steps.

Get a Robust, Powerful, and Flexible Financial Model
This well-tested, robust, and powerful Excel template is your solid foundation to plan a wide range of different business models. Advanced users are free to expand and tailor all sheets as desired, to handle specific requirements, or to get into greater detail.

Mobile App Development Agency Financial Plan Excel Template Reports

Save Time and Money
Excel-Financial-Model allows you to start planning with minimum fuss and maximum of help. No writing formulas, no formatting, no programming, no charting, and no expensive external consultants. Plan the growth of your business instead of fiddling around with expensive techy things.

Industry benchmarks
comparison of performance indicators in the model and in the industry.

All-in-one Dashboard
consists of Income Statement, Balance sheet, and Cash flow statement monthly and annual information, presented both with figures and charts

Top Expenses
This tab displays your 4 biggest expense categories and the rest of the expenses as the “other”.

All in One Place
Includes all required forecasting reports containing assumptions, profit and loss accounts (income statements), cash flow projections & statements, balance sheets, performance reviews, and summaries for months, quarters, and years (incl. numerous graphs and KPIs)

Top Revenue
Analysis of the revenue streams by each product category

You will receive all the data necessary for the investors. The weighted average cost of capital shows the minimum return on enterprise funds invested in its activities capital.
Free cash flow is the cash flow available to all investors, including shareholders and creditors.
Discounted cash is the value of future cash flows in relation to the current time.

Get a robust, powerful financial model which is fully expandable
This well-tested, robust, and powerful Excel template is your solid foundation to plan a wide range of different business models. Advanced users are free to expand and tailor all sheets as desired, to handle specific requirements, or to get into greater detail.

Cash Flow Statement
It is one of the most important reports because the main goal of each business is to generate cash flow. It shows how much you have consolidated money, how much is not enough when you need to attract additional financing.

Financial performance KPIs
Here you can visually track key financial indicators over the five years period as well as 24 months period.
– EBITDA/EBIT shows your company’s operational performance
– CASH FLOWS shows your company’s inflows and outflows
– CASH BALANCE this is the forecast of cash in hand you will have.

Break-Even Analysis
Breakeven Analysis automatically generated by breakeven timing, breakeven units, and breakeven revenue

Build your plan and pitch for funding
Impress bankers and investors with a proven, strategic business plan that impresses every time.


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