Hair Salon Financial Plan | Beauty Salon Business Plan

Plan out the financial plan your hair or beauty salon. The beauty & hair salon business plan goes up to 10 years and has plenty of granularity.

Barbershop Financial Model
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The model goes for a period of up to 10 years and provides a solid hair salon financial plan.

You can start building your beauty salon business plan in the light yellow tabs.

Note that you don’t have to fill in everything, only fill in what makes sense for your future plans.

On the ‘control’ tab, you will begin by entering the start year, your scenario (low/base/high), any financing and the month you plan to exit as well as the valuation multiple. Additionally, this area allows you to turn an entire income stream on or off.

The scenario part will adjust the head counts / products sold count / services sold count that exist on the ‘revenue base’ tab that you enter.

This is a nice way to set a base and then easily hit a button to control if you do a given % better or worse than that without having to re-set all the numbers.

The ‘Revenue Base’ tab is where you build up the 3 main revenue streams for the hair salon business plan. You can pick the month in your forecast that each item begins (for ramping purposes) and choose the price of each item line as well as the monthly count of sales over the course of 10 years.

Don’t do anything on the ‘rev1’ tab. It is where all the formulas are to easily adjust your base assumptions based on the scenario chosen.

The ‘Costs’ tab has 4 main modules. They include the startup costs, which are costs inherent to starting the hair/beauty salon business. You also have running monthly costs and on those you can pick the start month as well. Then there is the CapEx, which would be any projects you plan on doing in the future that will cost money. It could be a renovation, new equipment purchases, or whatever else foresee in the hair salon business plan.

The monthly and annual P&L’s are where the data from your input tabs aggregate in this beauty salon business plan. The monthly will show all the various revenues per each hair cut type / other services revenue types / and other product revenue. It will also display the monthly costs / variable costs, give you an EBITDA and go all the way through to your exit valuation, loan payback at exit, and debt service.

The ‘financing’ tab will populate from the ‘control’ tab based on those financing inputs and this is a simple amortization schedule that feeds into the P&L’s accordingly. So you have everything to come up with a solid hair salon financial plan.

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    Let me tell you this, you have done a great job in explaining the overall model for the Hair/Salon store. The article is written in a super easy language and even a layman can understand it very well.

    4 OUT OF 5 STARS from my side to this amazing review. Keep up the good work.

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