Form Controls and Other Interactive Tools in Excel

This publication explains how to add interactivity to your models using form controls (list boxes, check boxes, option buttons, drop-down lists etc.)

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This publication demonstrates how to enhance your models with checkboxes, option buttons, drop-down lists, and similar fancy things commonly referred to as Form Controls. They make working with models more convenient and efficient, and the models themselves – look more professional.

The publication demonstrates what types of controls there are available and shows the differences between Form Controls and ActiveX control. Step-by-step explanations are provided on how to create controls, set them up, link to worksheet cells, and apply formatting.

The file gives several practical tips and formula examples. In particular, using form controls one can change some model assumptions or scenarios from any worksheet quickly.

A special example of drop-down lists is the use of data validation functionality. The file also talks about dynamic hyperlinks.

Upon purchasing this template, you will get:

  1. Full Excel Template – fully editable and customizable
  2. PDF Booklet – an informational booklet about Form Controls and other Interactive Tools in Excel

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