Food Delivery Business Plan Financial Model Excel Template

The food delivery business remains very popular for many years. It does not require high start-up costs: you need neither the expensive equipment nor many people to start your food delivery company. You do not need to worry about how to start a food delivery business. Just think about the products you want to sell, for example, sushi, pizza, or cupcakes, find the food producers for your business, and choose the ways you want to deliver the food to your customers. Our food delivery financial model will help you with all calculations. How profitable is the food delivery business? The profit margin in this industry is very high. And we are ready to help you with the financials: you will quickly calculate the start-up costs for the food delivery business and profits from the food sales.

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Analyze Food Delivery Revenue Model, Costs, Profit, And Cash Flow With Food Delivery Financial Model Excel Template. Get It!

Our food delivery financial model will be the perfect fit for all types of food delivery companies.

It will be especially convenient for the food companies with several delivery channels because the model allows them to include up to 8 different delivery channels into the calculations.

This food delivery business model will help start-ups to assess their financial perspectives and wisely control their expenses, which is crucial at the launching stage.

The model will also help existing food delivery businesses that want to pay more attention to their financial streams.


Our specialists have designed this business model for food delivery businesses. It has not only comprehensive financial reports, such as Income statement, Balance sheet, and Cash flow statement, but also specific calculations and forecasts that a food delivery business will need.
The food delivery financial model has the calculations for the cost of sales (COS). The users can calculate either the COS using the food production cost (if they produce them), or using the cost of the purchase (if they buy food products for resale). The model allows us to calculate COS separately for different types of food products.
The distinctive feature of this food delivery financial model is the possibility to calculate the delivery cost either by own sources or with the help of an external company. If you want to engage an external delivery company, you just need to enter its service fees amount into the template, and the model will show you the total amount of expenses.
The model has a pre-built template for different types of food delivery channels. You can analyze and forecast the number of food deliveries for each delivery channel separately for a specified period (for example, for month or year).
Our food delivery financial model has a membership fees’ calculation template. If you plan to use mobile applications for food delivery and take a subscription fee from the customers, it will be beneficial. This template allows you to add up to three membership types (e.g., premium, medium and free), and make a breakdown with the number of actual deliveries for each subscription type.
This food delivery financial model has a convenient dashboard with a summary of the primary financial information, calculation, and forecasts.


Our food delivery business model in Excel has all financial templates necessary for a food delivery start-up. You can also expand it or adjust according to your needs.

The model allows users to calculate the cost of sales both for produced and purchased from other parties’ products.

You can analyze the delivery channels’ effectiveness because the model has the template for the eight types of delivery channels.

The model has the templates for the calculation of the delivery cost. You can calculate it either by your sources or with the help of an external company.

The high-level cost of sales calculation is expressed in one figure (cost + delivery), which helps to take into account the specifics of the food delivery business.

The financial model helps to calculate the revenue from one customer and one delivery.

The membership fees’ calculation template shows the breakdown with the number of actual deliveries for each subscription type.

You can print out our food production business model in PDF and use it for investors’ meetings.

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