FULLY FLEDGED FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT AND ACCOUNTING SYSTEM, DEVELOPED ENTIRELY IN EXCEL. ONE-OF-THE KIND. Technical assistance available. A comprehensive tool to handle all sorts of financial management needs, from setting a budget and controlling daily spending to reconciling account balances, from recording different types of investments to calculating actual returns and monitoring net worth and profitability over time. The system is multi-currency and contains extensive charting, accounting, and controlling features. Ideally suited for: • individual investors who handle their own investments or want to keep tight control on how their money is being managed; • Accountants, Controllers, Consultants, Money Managers, Portfolio Managers; • Finance students or anyone who wants to improve on their financial knowledge through practice. The model is suitable for daily, monthly, and yearly performance management purposes. Financial statements, cash flow, and performance vs. budget reports are updated on a daily basis. Balances as of the end of each month are shown side by side for easy comparison throughout the year.

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The system, consisting of many spreadsheets, can be easily navigated through the Main Menu, providing access to:

  • Transaction registers, to record daily transactions in cash or through current/credit card accounts;
  • A quick recap of cash, current account, and credit card balances;
  • Investment Menu, with dedicated input sheets for each type of investment plus additional sheets for recording, amortized debt (mortgages/consumer loans), at fixed or variable interest rates;
  • Charts, divided by type (namely Profitability, Profit & Loss, Net Worth), with interactive function through drop-down windows;
  • Reporting Menu, with the ability to select the desired report, already in printable form;
  • Administration Menu, to be used for system maintenance actions such as:
    • updating market rates
    • modifying transaction formats that populate drop-down windows in input screens
    • current account reconciliation, with the ability to search movements for a specified time period and for each account
    • expenses/revenues budget input
    • investigation and resolution of transaction/system errors, avoiding impact on data quality and report accuracy
    • access to individual databases
    • report maintenance, due dates tickler, etc.
  • Dashboard, summarising key performance indicators in the form of graphs, all-in-one;
  • Initial Data Upload, that walks you through all steps to be taken to get started, with the ability to select a specific Starting Date, if initial upload takes place in the course of the year;
  • New Year Reset button, which similarly describes the start-of-year procedure for balances re-setting, to be completed before recording new transactions for the year.

Whenever necessary, to assist in data input, warnings and explanation messages are displayed to prevent or correct errors. Easy navigation between sheets is provided through a set of icons displayed at the top of each sheet.

Important Note: The system was developed using Excel 2016 for Mac. System requirement at least 8GB RAM. Depending on computer capacity the file may take between 30 and 50 seconds to open

This model template comes as a PREMIUM version in .xlsx file type which can be opened using MS Excel.

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