Cost Comparison Template

Basic Cost Comparison for Excel helps you to compare prices from multiple vendors or stores and make the purchase at a reasonable price.

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This Cost Comparison for Excel will help you while purchasing goods or services at very reasonable prices. Thanks to this template, you will be able to compare prices from different vendors or shops.

Cost Comparison Key Features

– Comparing Price To Internal Projections

– Comparing Competitive Bids From Multiple Vendors

– Set Prices on Your Products

– Easy to Choose the Right Vendor

– Improve management decisions

– Benchmark your products

Cost Comparison available visualisations

Easy to Choose the Right Vendor | With the given Cost Comparison, it is very easy to select a particular vendor by selecting the lowest prices through bidding. The only thing required is to input all the required details, including the prices of each vendor and select the lowest priced bid from the vendor and then compare the prices from all the vendors to make a cost-effective decision.

Set Prices on Your Products | Individual business owners can use this Cost Comparison to evaluate their position in the market by comparing the price of their product and compare the same with the competitors. It has become a very critical tool in the hands of management to perform a competitive analysis to make an informed and strategic decision.

Compare your products | In the case of companies, they can use this Cost Comparison to compare the prices of the goods and services produced by them and compare the same across other companies in the same industry. By doing this, they price the goods and services which is suitable for them to gain the market share and ultimately bottom line.

Easy customizable | Cost Comparison can be customized according to the requirement of the users. For instance, the columns can be added to include the descriptions of the product, their quality & quantity, and other particulars having an impact on the decision-maker to make an informed decision.

See trends | Even if we have adequate and comprehensive knowledge about the market trends, this Cost Comparison enables us to perform competitive vendor analysis to see the extent to which pricing structures and products vary from other companies in the same industries.

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