Contractor Sales & Crew Scheduling

A beautifully connected template that gives the user a two pronged management solution. With the same data entry tab, you can see revenue earned and team/crew scheduling on a monthly/weekly basis.

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Video Tutorial:

The elegance of this model helps any organization that needs to plan out their sales pipeline while also planning out what/when certain crews/teams need to be working on a given contracted job. This model is especially useful for business that have crews working which earn revenue over a certain period of time. Example industries are painting, roofing, windows and doors, etc.

Instructions included.

User enters relevant data on a job by job basis, including:
– Estimated revenue
– Margin
– Other costs
– Start and End date
– Crew assigned to job
– Job name

Everything else is then populated. You will note that the summaries required a starting date entry in the light yellow cell contained on the date rows of each summary tab.

Visuals for revenue and gantt schedule automatically update based on database.

Each crew/team has an assigned color and you can have up to 7 crews.

Note, further work that you may require to make this fit your specific situation is billed out at $40/hr. and data has been added into the live version so you can see how it works. Simply clear out the non-formula rows to re-start.

Demonstration video available.


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